It was not a regular Friday

When you have goals and you`re committed to it there is a certain point you need to drag out the benefits of your efforts.
Today was the day for that.
For the first time of my life I could experience the good feeling about reaching a goal very well drawn.
Since I left my previous job in Brazil and came to the Netherlands it took me 2 months myself, lonely, wondering how to proceed in life.
I was trying to find a job and it was very disappointing having negatives answers for my applications due to not having Dutch, not having SAP experience…
Started to think about studying, doing courses, do whatever could occupy my time and make me feel I was doing more than just breath. One of the interviews I succeeded.
I started to work as a Material Specialist in a company 70km away from home. I took that as not a continuity but an opportunity of a new beginning.
I was really afraid. I was actually terrified about meeting new people, talking in English all day and learn new systems. I was afraid not to perform, not to
meet expectations of myself, my new work colleagues and my close people, family and friends, that were really cheering for me.
This was a turning point in my life. I could not live with that fear anymore. That was a nightmare. And nobody but me would change it.
This triggered me to design a goal. The goal was to be much more professional I could and the measurement was to receive a very positive feedback from my above boss.
I started in a November 6th and the activity to reach the goal would be: a change of attitude.
I needed to be more professional on my way to talk and walk. To read and to listen. Each and every word would be carefully thought before written or said.
I would concentrate to learn and apply my previous experience, I would be interested and curious. I would not postpone any task.
I it took me 65 days to get the result.
I was invited by my Turkish boss, a very lovely, but serious 30 something woman, to go out for lunch. The place could not be more pleasant: a café in a book store in the center of Bergen op Zoom and I have a pumpkin soup with avocado sandwich that we shared.
The conversation was very special as she is an expat as well. And suddenly she mentioned how good it was to have hired. She praised me.. How she sees me as a person who looks for improvement and is committed to the work, how I talk nice to people. And how it is visible for her I have my expectations and how I behave to achieve them. I went to heaven and back. It was nice hearing that from her, who is such a exigent person.
Besides that, we also spoke about what to do on free time, what to cook daily, books to read, good stores to do shopping. Girls talking. She lent me her favorite book as an excuse for another café time, as she is leaving the company next week and we will not see each other daily anymore. What else I could have in a Friday lunch time?


2 thoughts on “It was not a regular Friday

  1. Arrepiei… Arrasou!!! Vc merece tudo isso de maravilhoso q esta acontecendo na sua vida!!! Parabéns!!!

  2. Aiiii que linda!!

    Fiquei nervosa lendo e sentindo toda a angústia que todas as pessoas que moram fora e precisam enfrentar a vida real se submetem (sem ninguém se importar se vc é de fora ou não se seu idioma, cultura, costumes e forma de pensar são diferentes e aquilo tudo é novidade pra vc!)

    O medo é dilacerador e inconsolável proporcionalmente à realização de superá-lo! Ponto pra vc e orgulho para todos nós aqui!! 🙂

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